How To Find The Best Nanny For Your Child

June 5, 2013 find a nanny Find a Nanny

“When my son was born, my mother helped me to take care of him for 6 weeks. She’s like a fairy god mother who helps me, but time always run fast. Finally, I was left alone with my 7 weeks old son. My husband works 10 hours a day, so I really need a nanny, [...]


How to interview a babysitter and get whom is the right fit for your child.

January 15, 2013 find a nanny Find a Nanny

Choosing a great child care while parents are away for work has never been easy but it is essential with the family which really need a good one who is perfectly suited for this job, Our teamwork ‘ Life and Family ‘ like to help you with some techniques as well as the interview questions [...]


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Tips about how to find a good babysitter.

January 14, 2013 find a nanny Find a Nanny

How to find a babysitter or a nursery that is suitable for you? When I gave birth to a baby, my mother was around help to take care my new born son for 6 weeks. Blessed that I have her! How fast time passes! When she left, finally I was alone to look after the [...]


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